Why Us?

At Kundalink, we aim to bring you the best, most consciously produced product possible for the best price. We are constantly looking for new ways to raise the bar on our own practice and we bring this creative enthusiasm to our company effort.

The majority of our products are made in the United States. We know the local people who sew our clothes and products and we pay fairly for what we feel is a superior product.  If we have to go outside the U.S. for a particular product, we strive to work only with fair wage companies. 

Our clothing is designed so that men and women of all ages, shapes, and sizes can feel comfortable in and out of the yoga studio. Presently, we have chosen to focus mainly on cotton because cotton has many benefits and it is a natural fiber which breathes, washes and wears well, and lasts a long time. 

We aim to bring positive uplifting messages not only to the individuals who wear our clothes, but to the individuals who SEE our clothes on others. That being said, our artisanal tee shirts are hand-dyed and hand-stenciled with meaningful symbols and words making each article of clothing a powerful and unique piece of art. Our yoga bags and totes are made from fabrics we hand pick and design ourselves so you are getting the best of what we have to offer. Our assortment of head coverings are made of natural fibers and are comfortable, attractive, and easy to use.

Who We Are

Kundalink was born in 2008 because we wanted to create a one-stop shopping, content, and community service for Kundalini Yoga students, teachers, and practitioners. A place where Kundalini yogis could find items and information that they needed for their practice. 

Our first three items were the Kundabag, the Kundawrap, and the Kundabini because these three items seemed absolutely essential to us and we couldn't find anything like them anywhere else. We received an enthusiastic response and soon after, yogis were wearing our head coverings all over the world and carrying their yogic necessities in our roomy Kundabags. Then followed a few items of comfortable and respectable white cotton clothing for women and when men started asking for yoga pants, we started manufacturing clothing for them, too. We find that when we work with people who understand that we truly want to create beautiful items of clothing and quality accessories, the results are consistently positive. We receive your positive comments and take them to heart.

When we started, our motto was "Everything in one Place" and as that suggests, we aimed to cover all the bases. Over time, we found that we were outstanding at certain things so we decided to scale down our assortment of products and concentrate on what we do best; creating a small number of beautiful, responsibly and well-made garments, head coverings, and yoga accessories that make the people who wear and use them feel really good.  

Now our motto is "A Bigger Experience".  It's sort of a paradox....by expanding our vision and narrowing our inventory, we are changing and growing a little more every day to meet your needs.  Less IS more.

Through the use of our products, EVERYONE (from YOU to the people who create them) benefits.

Sat Nam


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