Quotes im jumping in style with my kundalink CD's which are a main staple in all my play list. My Yoga Pants are beyond comfortable and stylish. I can dress them up with shoes and a fresh shirt, or just wear one of my old thin Kundalink tee's and still turn heads on my Yoga Mat. Thanks for keeping it FRESH, your innovative ideas keep me coming back and referring my friends. Quotes
Guru Jap
Satisfied Customer

Quotes It's ALL LOVE when wearing the Wahe Guru Artisanal T-shirt. The first day I wore it I received many unexpected hugs from myriad of people. No kidding. The "Wahe Guru" sits right at your heart center and radiates out. You feel great from the energetic vibration of the Gurmukhi script and those around you feel it too! Needless to say, it's my favorite t-shirt. I am also a fan of the kundawrap. It's perfect for the days when the fancy turban is just too fancy for you and you just want to be cool. I LOVE my orange one. I wear it all the time for my sadhana! Quotes
Jaskaram Kaur Khalsa

Quotes Kundalink makes the best headwraps. They are really easy to tie. Their latest kundawraps are made from this slighlty stretchy cotton material that ties perfectly. My turban looks great, feels comfortable, and it only takes a minute to tie. yay kundalink! Quotes
Sat Shabad

Quotes Kundalink makes the the best headwraps. I'm wearing one right now. It's easy to tie. It looks good. Thank Goddess for Kundalink! Quotes
Charles Irvin

Quotes Great products for both students & teachers. Don`t waste your time looking around, this is it! Quotes
cosmin dumitru

Quotes I love the kundalink head wraps. The material is so lightweight. It feels great on my head and it is comfortable working 12 hour shifts at a hospital as a nurse! Quotes
Akal Kaur Khalsa

Quotes Sat Naaam .. I received the turban and I have wrapped it twice now and I love it! You see I am part American Indian, and turbans were the head covering of choice for my ancestors, the woodland inhabitants of this country prior to the colonization. They got turbans from traders and just loved them, as they liked the foreigners clothing and adopted it to their styles. So wearing my turban during my Salat ritual (I'm a Muslim who went to the Baha'i faith, as I said with a Sant Mat background) -- I feel satisfied that I am connecting with "Eastern" culture and at the same time my own American Indian heritage as these turbans are the exact type of turban my ancestors wore!!! Quotes

Quotes I got to your website via yogamint and the other day, I ordered a Kundawrap from you which reached me via Florida, where a neighbor of mine was visiting her mother. I've been wearing it for the last days for my Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training and it got me lots of compliments - even my teacher trainer was impressed and wanted to know where I got it. So maybe you will get lots of orders from Bremen, Germany, in the next weeks :-). Just wanted to let you know that kundawraps are worn all over the world. Sat Nam! Quotes

Quotes Just a quick note to thank you for my Kundawrap. It arrived yesterday and was immediately wrapped around my head for yoga last night. It was easy to fit and felt perfect ! Attached is a photo of me after yoga, radiating with a little extra glow than usual due to my Kundawrap ! Feel free to use this as a testimonial for your wonderful Kundawrap. Sat Nam. Quotes
Sukhman Singh

Quotes Had to share - I love Kundalink's creations - they make teaching comfortable in their cotton whites and easy to use Kundawrap - Check out their website Kundalink.com They also has a fb page - I don't give kudos very often! Plan to get more for Winter Solstice! Quotes