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Reach for the Sky

A workshop to become limitless..

I’d like you to consider that you’ve bought into the cultural story that you can’t achieve what you want, there are limits to what you can ask for (and ultimately have) and that your happiness is something you have to “get” from the outside. We are so conditioned to expect a limited life that we hold on with all our might to what we do have. We have to re-learn that the sky’s the limit, you can achieve anything (and I mean any thing) you want, and every bit of true happiness and contentment comes from YOU and your ability to get in synch with the creative cosmic flow.

“Your normal process of life is to NOT give; not giving yourself a chance, not giving to others. You do not believe in creating a vacuum. When there is a vacuum, God must fill it. I’m not saying that you are poor. But you could have more. Giving is the way of the rich---giving services, giving expertise, giving work, giving to others to get blessings, giving something for prayer, giving to the needy.” – Yogi Bhajan, 1996

Prosperity is being in the flow and realizing that there is always more. When you have that mindset, then being prosperous means having plenty to share with others. Reaching for the sky is a state of mind where you know that your life is limitless and that there are no rules about what you can and can’t achieve or what you can ask for. The Universe wants to fill the vacuum so think about all the wealth and opportunity that is waiting to drop into your life right now.

Ask yourself: What did I want in my life that I was too _______________ to go after/ask for/ take on? Name 3 things and fill in the blank for each one. Then examine the reasons you didn’t go after them.




Name three things you want to achieve/accomplish/take on NOW and what are you doing/not doing about it:




I really believe that the kriyas and meditations we will be practicing today can put the words “infinite and limitless” on your resume. Your prosperity and in fact, all the manifestations of being “in the flow” will directly connect you to your soul and your soul’s highest purpose. Many people are just too freaked out by the responsibility that comes with being great. And just as many people have fear around failing or being rejected or criticized. The truth of the matter is that you can and should ask the Universe for what you want or need; after all, the Universe will provide. Toddlers don’t learn to walk by just getting up and strolling. They believe they can do it and so are willing to keep trying until they can. THAT’S the kind of willing I’m talking about. You have to be WILLING to get to where you want to be. Willing means to be ready, eager or prepared to do something. If you are not willing to be prosperous, stop reading now.

1. Meditation to open the lock of the heart – opening your heart center is opening up to your own infinity. INFINITY is your natural state of being. You cannot be INFINITE unless you are willing to be infinite. Do this if you want to open up the power of the Almighty within you.

2. Angular Body Energy – The flow of energy is impeded by blockages in the body as well as in the mind. The “unwillingness” to dream big, be hugely prosperous, ask for what you want is reflected in the body’s unwillingness to move. Stiffness in the body is a reflection of the stiffness in the mind.

3. Ganpati Kriya – Also called “the impossible-possible kriya”, this is an excellent meditation/kriya to practice on a daily basis if you want to clear the negativity from the past to make way for dharam – the good you do today that you will be rewarded for tomorrow. If you are WILLING to improve your life and to LIVE BIG, then this is the daily practice for you.

4. Subagh Kriya – There isn’t a person I know who has done this who hasn’t experienced a miracle in their life. This five-part kriya can only be done 3 min each (total 15 min) or 11 min each (total 55 min). It gives you the tools to become wealthy and handle any kind of trouble you might have gotten yourself into. YES it turns misfortune into fortune. In my experience, it takes one from the material reality into infinite consciousness.

These kriyas and meditations are offered as a way to expand or melt your self-created limitations. With reverence, each or a combination thereof as a daily practice will bring your limited world view into a LIMITLESS SITUATION. Number one is your willingness to expand and broaden your perspective. Number two is a commitment to practice with earnestness and respect for these sacred teachings.

You must tune in with ONG NAMO GURU DEV NAMO 3x before you begin your practice

And you must end your practice with Long Time Sun (as a closing prayer) and 3 Long Sat Nams.

May the long time sun shine upon you,

all love surround you

and the pure light within you,

guide your way on.

Sat nam


Links to the kriyas and meditations:


https://www.raghubiryoga.com/kriyas-and-meditations (scroll down to the end)





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