If you are new to White Tantric Yoga® then you probably have a million questions…and sometimes, even seasoned practitioners need a reminder.  There are many ways to describe what unfolds at a White Tantric Yoga® workshop, but it’s best described through your own experience. There is nothing in the world quite like it. One day of White Tantric Yoga® can change your life completely. It clears the subconscious mind to experience the divine. One day White Tantric Yoga® courses occur throughout the year and three straight days in a row are scheduled at both Winter and Summer Solstices.


I’m writing this today because we have a local Los Angeles event coming up on March 30th at UCLA and I’d like to make it as non-intimidating as possible for those of you who are considering attending. Here are 22 things you should know before attending the White Tantric Yoga® workshop in your area:


  1. WHAT IS WHITE TANTRIC YOGA®? White Tantric Yoga® is an all–day group meditation workshop where everyone sits in pairs facing a partner. You follow instructions given by the Mahan Tantric, Yogi Bhajan, and a representative of the Mahan Tantric called a “facilitator” who holds the space for the meditation to occur.

  2. WHO IS THE COURSE FACILITATOR AND HOW DOES IT ALL WORK? Yogi Bhajan connects his subtle body to the subtle bodies of the participants through both the transmission of his video image along with the instructions given by the course facilitator. Once upon a time, the Mahan Tantric, Yogi Bhajan chose the facilitators himself; a task that is now handled by board members of the entity that manages White Tantric Yoga®, Humanology and Health Science. Inc. At the present time, all the facilitators have studied personally with Yogi Bhajan. The instructions are first given by the facilitator and then translated into another language if necessary. Then we all watch the video of Yogi Bhajan who transmits the meditation to the group.

  3. CAN ANYONE PARTICIPATE?  Yes! You can participate even if you have never done Kundalini Yoga before.  The room will be filled with participants at all levels of experience; some doing it for the first time and others who have been doing it since the first time it was held.

  4. DO I NEED A PARTNER? You’ll need a partner to do the workshop. The seating is divided into male and female rows although you can have a same-gender partner or sit in whichever row you are most comfortable. This is not a gender division but more an energetic configuration. If you are planning to do the course with someone in particular, you’ll at least have that part covered! Remember however, it’s YOUR Tantric and you cannot control the experience of the other person, nor should you even try.  For example, if the person across from you is distracted, let them have their own distracted experience - as ultimately it does not impact you. How you deal with it, does, however. Suffice to say, you learn a lot about yourself when you are participating in this shared this experience! 

  5. WHAT IF I DON’T HAVE A PARTNER? Don’t worry…you’ll get one!  You might find someone on the way in or at registration. Once you are seated, a monitor will announce that if you still need a partner, you should raise your hand.  Another person who is looking for a partner will appear and will probably be the most perfect partner you could have asked for! Bear in mind that the white tantric energy runs on the diagonal and so this zig-zag effect essentially makes you partners with the people opposite you on the diagonal as well as the person in front of you.

  6. ZIG-ZAG EFFECT?The White Tantric Yoga® energy, also called the “Z” energy, works much the same way as a lever; it is amplified because it travels on the diagonal. With a lever you can move what you cannot move. When directed by the Mahan Tantric, it has the power to cut through the blocks, obstacles and negative thought forms stuck in the subconscious mind. If you imagine the universe as a matrix of perpendicular and parallel energies, then the most effective way to get through the traffic is to travel on the diagonal.

  7. WHAT SHOULD I WEAR? Wear comfortable white clothing – wearing white is a technology that Yogi Bhajan called “auric color therapy”. Yogi Bhajan said, "We wear white because it's a simple scientific fact that every piece of matter or material has a foot and a half aura. Every animal has a three and a half foot aura. Every human has a nine foot aura. And if we wear the cotton and we wear the white, this color therapy gives us one extra foot of aura.”  White reflects what is outside and enables us to more easily go within ourselves for our self-development. You can find white clothes on line all year long at places like Kundalink, Long Time Sun Apparel and on Amazon. In the Los Angeles area, you can shop at RA MA Institute in Venice or at Yoga West. There is a shopping bazaar adjacent to the course room where you can find many white clothes and accessories for your Kundalini Yoga practice.

  8. DO I HAVE TO COVER MY HEAD?  Yes… so come wearing a white cotton head covering that covers the entire head. The crown must be covered; headbands and other such partial head coverings will not be allowed. If you do wear a partial head covering with your hair popping through, you will be asked to cover the top of your head. Why? Wearing a head covering tunes the neurological system and balances the hemispheres of the brain. It also enables you to more easily command your sixth chakra and brings a sense of containment and focus. If you forget your head covering or don’t own one, you can purchase one for $1 at the registration tables. Kundalink makes 100% cotton Kundawraps® which are a long-time favorite of many a comfort and ease-seeking yogi and of course, you can find head coverings at RA MA Institute, Yoga West and the other Kundalini Yoga centers in your area. White natural fiber head coverings can also be found at the shopping bazaars at White Tantric Yoga®, solstices and other 3HO events.

  9. WHEN CAN I SHOP AT THE BAZAAR? The bazaar is open only during the lunch break and after the course concludes. There are many vendors who sell clothing, head coverings, crystals, malas, accessories, books, and services.

  10. WHAT DO I BRING? Bring only what you absolutely need – and nothing more. In other words, there is not a lot of room at your disposal. You will need something to sit on; most likely a yoga mat, a sheepskin (if you use one), maybe a cushion or blanket (if you need one), and a shawl or light blanket to cover yourself during relaxation periods. You will be sitting pretty close to your neighbor so you’ll have to share the small amount of space that you have between you. While your sheepskin, yoga mat and cushion or blanket will be on the floor and therefore, part of your set up, all the other things that people tend to bring with them take up lots of room and gets in the way. The lanes in between the rows must be clear, so if you take too much stuff with you, you will be kindly asked to move it to the side of the room.

  11. CAN I BRING SNACKS? You can bring your own snacks, but you will be fed a filling and delicious lunch. Fruit and of course water will be available throughout the day.

  12. DID YOU SAY FILLING AND DELICIOUS LUNCH? Yes I most certainly did! You will be served a hearty vegan Indian-style lunch, green salad, accompanied by Yogi Tea.

  13. OMG! AN ALL DAY MEDITATION? CAN I DO THIS? Of course you can! Each workshop consists of between 6-8 kriyas with an ample lunch break in the middle. A kriya is a meditation that includes a yoga posture (asana), and hand position (mudra), a breathing technique (pranayama), and a mental focus or mantra. These kriyas are generally either thirty-one or sixty-two minutes long  (though on occasion it can vary).  There are breaks between each kriya where you can rest at your meditation site, go to the bathroom, or walk around. It is a very uplifting and peaceful atmosphere.

  14. WHAT IF I HAVE AN INJURY AND I CAN’T SIT ON THE GROUND…CAN I STILL PARTICIPATE? You can sit in a chair in a designated section especially for participants who have an issue with sitting on the ground.  I remember the first White Tantric Yoga® workshop I attended at Summer Solstice, I had a lower back injury and I was uncomfortable with the idea that I had to sit in a chair.  After I got through the morning, I realized that doing White Tantric Yoga® while sitting in a chair was no less challenging than sitting on the floor and you didn’t get any less of the benefits. I went from being uncomfortable with the idea to being grateful that I could comfortably engage with the energy in this way. By the second day, I was calling it the “first class” section!!!

  15. THIS IS SO EXCITING…CAN I RECORD IT?  Photography and videography and the use of any sound recording device or camera is prohibited at White Tantric Yoga® events. Please respect this directive and go deeper into the experience of the course rather than concentrating on broadcasting it on social media or recording it for future use. You are also advised NOT to practice the kriyas on your own or to teach them in class. These kriyas are specific to the course and must remain that way.

  16. IS THERE ANYTHING I NEED TO DO AT HOME TO PREPARE FOR THIS COURSE? It is recommended that you eat lightly the day before, as you will be in deep meditation. Also, because you are sitting for long hours, it is advisable that you do warm-ups, perhaps do some hip openers, before you arrive.  When you get to the venue, there will be a warm-up set and chanting prior to the actual facilitation of the course.

  17. SHOULD I PRE-REGISTER? Yes…and it saves time at the registration line. But if you haven’t pre-registered, remember that cash is NOT accepted but checks and all credit cards are (there is also a pre-registration discount until 11/4 as an incentive!)

  18. CARPOOLING is always recommended! Give yourself ample time to arrive at the venue, park and walk to the event…and then of course, you’ll have to register once your arrive.  All that happens BEFORE you actually take off your shoes and walk into the space.

  19. WHAT’S THE RECOMMENDED ATTITUDE DURING THE COURSE? Well, it’s a reverent atmosphere so it’s recommended that you go deep within - remaining as still and quiet as you can.  That does not mean you cannot engage in conversation during the breaks; but you will be disturbing others as well as the potential of your own exalted experience if you chat and do other things during the meditations. Your cell phone should be turned off and you should not be checking for Instagram updates or emails during this time.

  20. THE DAY HAS ENDED…NOW WHAT? You will have gone through an intense cleansing process and it recommended that you participate in self-care and rest after the course; the ideal situation being to keep the meditative mood for the rest of the evening. Also, it’s good to drink lots of pure water to help facilitate the internal cleansing process.  It is recommended that you journal for 40 days after the course as this may help to process some of the changes and effects you have experienced. Golden Milk is especially detoxifying and healing after participating in such a powerful all-day meditation course. You can either purchase it at your favorite health food store or make it yourself from Yogi Bhajan’s recipe.

  21. HOW DO I MAXIMIZE MY EXPERIENCE? One way is to spend time with your yoga community; your sangat. They will give you the support you need. Another way is to begin a new meditation and commit to a minimum of 40 days. 

  22. AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST, I’VE ALWAYS WANTED TO KNOW…HOW IS WHITE TANTRIC DIFFERENT FROM BLACK OR RED TANTRIC?  Let me be clear - the three tantric energies all transform energy but are very different in their intent. White tantric is used for the upliftment of the soul, to break all doubts and barriers in the subconscious mind and to ultimately bring supreme happiness and joy. Red tantric is used for sexual purposes, and black tantric is used to cast spells to manipulate others for ill gain. Yogi Bhajan explained, “We always practice a kind of yoga which is absolutely based on White Tantric, we do not add, even by mistake, any such action or word which has got to do anything with the red and black. So sometime people think tantric yoga is yoga of sex, and I do not agree and they say, why not? Because tantric yoga, yoga of sex is the red tantric yoga. Tantric yoga, yoga of the spell, is the black tantric yoga, which we do not practice at all, we even do not know about it. Neither we want to know about it, nor it is worthwhile to know about it.” – Yogi Bhajan, 1972